Monday, February 1, 2010

Cobblestone Place - Clayton, NC - A Thriving Community Despite Dark Economic Times

Can you imagine a neighborhood that not only continued to grow during this Recession - but actually boomed? If you can't, then think again, and then think Cobblestone Place in Clayton, NC.

Featuring open floor plans on small lots, with the ability to upgrade to your hearts content, and brought to you by national builder, KB Home, - the neighbohood has literally thrived during the darkest moments of this nations most recent recession. Their homes originally started around $143,000 for 1500 square feet. For $185,000, you could get almost 3000 square feet...But by December of 2007, prices plummeted. And that's how Cobblestone continued to be a thriving development when many other new communities had come to a stand-still.

After slashing their prices to about $20k less than before, and with new, smaller floor plans, the neighborhood began to boom. More than 100 new homes have been built in Cobblestone Place since December 2007.

Current prices in Cobblestone start at $128,990 for a 1394 sqare foot home. Need something larger? They have 9 different floor plans - the largest checking in at 2450 square feet and only $151,990. Keep in mind those are just base prices. If you want upgrades at their Design Studio, it'll cost you more. Some of the upgrades are worth it, like fireplaces, kitchen islands, and similar items that can't be added later. Features like ceiling fans and light fixtures might cost less if you add them later on your own.

So, if you're interested in the Clayton area, and don't mind the small lots, head over to Cobblestone. But buyer beware - they have sales reps on duty who are NOT buyer's agents. These reps, while knowledgable and friendly, ultimately work for the SELLER. The good news is, by North Carolina law the seller must pay the buyer's agent. So if you'd like someone on your side, you have the right to obtain an agent to look out for your best interests - and the seller has to pay for it.